Belinda leverages her 24 years of experience and training acquired in South Africa to lead and mentor our therapists. Her expertise includes certifications in orthopedic manual therapy, with a foundation in the Australian-Maitland approach to clinical reasoning. Belinda underwent rigorous university training in manual therapy, establishing a solid base for her practice. Her commitment to ongoing education is evident in her focus on neurological disorders like CRPS, engaging in continuous research to demonstrate the transformative impact of movement and manual care on their progression.

In addition to traditional approaches, our clinic delves into the realm of brain-body imaging. We explore the emerging field of graded motor imaging and laterality retraining, aiming to support patients grappling with severe pain. By adhering to established protocols by David Butler and Lorimer Moseley, we guide patients in reshaping their body image to alleviate symptoms and enhance overall well-being.